Who am i?

and if not i, then who?

Hi, and welcome to my blog, “it is not i.” This blog idea has been on my heart for a while and it’s been online for a while. i’ve just never shared it with anyone or really did anything with it. My first draft of this introduction was a lot more about presentation and flair, and considering how that worked out for me, i decided to rewrite it. Writing has always been something i have been interested in, but time and time again i’m struck by just how much work it can be and that it doesn’t always flow naturally. i let myself become overwhelmed or intimidated and hold myself back, thinking no one wants to read what i write anyway. so i’ll just write and not worry about that anymore. whether i have one reader or twenty, i can share what i learn from the Word, i can share what i’m struggling with and how God helps me through it, and i can share how Christ is a part of my life. Because He is the one this is ultimately about anyway; it is not i.

The title comes from my favorite Bible verse, Galatians 2:20. i guess you could say it’s kind of like my mantra when it comes to my faith. Ever since i got baptized in June of 2015, this verse has been the one that’s always stuck with me, that i memorized without even trying, that reminds of who i am and what i’m living for. and it perfectly sums up life here on earth for a believer and follower of Christ; we might still be living here in this world, but Christ is living in us now. It is no longer just us or only about us. We’ve been transformed and renewed!

i’m striving to live my life according to the phrase “it is not i” by giving up my own selfish wants and desires and learning to commit to God’s will for my life. i must decrease and He must increase, right? It is a constant battle within my life because the human part of me still wants selfish things, still wants her own way. But, over the years i have seen again and again that God’s way really is best. i can plan until i’m blue in the face, but i will never come close to designing my life in as wonderful and fulfilling a way as God is doing. His way might not be as easy as i would prefer, but it’s more amazing and rewarding than anything my imagination can dream up.

Personally, i’m an avid book lover and coffee drinker, a caffeinated bibliophile if you will. (i might also share book reviews from time to time.) My favorite authors will always change as will the types of books i’m reading. i’m trying to be more intentional about what i read and consume, but it, too, is a struggle when entertainment often outweighs spiritual value.

As i write posts, more of my personality and struggles will come through the words, but i also hope that God will shine through brightest of all. i am still here, but it’s Him that i’m really trying to show to you. His might, His power, His glory, and His name. That’s what this blog is really about. It’s about Him and what He reveals to me in life, in His word, in people, within myself. There’s always something more to learn, we will never understand the fullness of God and all that He is, but we can try our best.

Thank you for joining me here and feel free to reach out to me for anything. i’d love to chat about your own walk with God or just get to know a fellow believer. Bear with me as i learn how to navigate this website, learn how to format posts, and figure out my style. i am sure things will change along the way…hopefully for the better.

For i have been crucified with Christ; it is no longer i who live, but Christ lives in me; and the life which i now live in the flesh i live by faith in the Son of God, who loved me and gave Himself for me.

Galatians 2:20 NKJV


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